Aberdeen Adapts – an adaptation strategy for Aberdeen

Project On-going
Date added: 01/07/2016

The views of young people, businesses and organisations will all help to shape an inspiring adaptation strategy for Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Adapts aims to help the city of Aberdeen become more resilient to the impacts of climate change by creating its first climate change adaptation strategy. The project was selected for support from Adaptation Scotland following an open call for place-based partnerships in summer 2016. Jointly led by Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeen University, the project has used a wide range of engagement activities to collect views from local stakeholders on how best to prepare for the risks, and seize the opportunities, inherit in our changing climate.

So far, we have held a series of five engagement workshops, six Climate Ready Places workshops with young people in schools across the city, and a mini-arts and climate change festival in Middlefield, in the north of the city. Through this engagement work we have gathered a wealth of information on:

  • the challenges and opportunities that mattered most to organisations/people,
  • information on actions already underway and planned to support an adapting Aberdeen,
  • views on what a well adapting Aberdeen would look like, and
  • opinions on emerging goals, objectives and action areas.

  • During this process we have also developed and tested new ways to learn about adaptation, communicate climate impacts effectively and reach new audiences. New methods tested include the use of touch-table technology and participant mapping of risks and opportunities, linking adaptation engagement with ongoing work on flood risk, and the use of creative practitioners to find new ways of talking about climate change and aspirations for community development. Adaptation Scotland will share resources and lessons learned from these new approaches in our work with other projects, organisations and initiatives.

    Next steps

    Work is currently underway to compile the information from the engagement phase into the first draft of the Aberdeen Adapts strategy. Once this draft is complete we will consult with all those involved to ensure the collective views of participants are accurately represented. As no single organisation or community can adapt to climate change on its own, the goals set in the strategy will focus on partnership actions that the city as a whole should aim for to ensure it becomes climate ready.

    Adapting a city is a long process, taking many years and decades. This is why, along with developing the strategy, the Aberdeen Adapts project is focusing attention on how best to organise governance of adaptation for the city.

    Get involved

    Organisations, businesses and communities based in Aberdeen can get involved with the Aberdeen Adapts project. Contact us to have your details added to the project mailing list.