Climate risks in the workplace: Protecting workers in a changing climate

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Date added: 19/07/2021

A webinar was held on September 16th, exploring climate risks and building resilience in the workplace for Trade Unions. Watch a recording here.

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The Scottish trade union movement is committed to safeguarding workers' wellbeing today and in the future. Adaptation Scotland held a webinar on 13 July 2021 looking at climate risks for Scotland's workplaces.

As the climate changes, impacts from changing temperature and rainfall patterns and more extreme weather events are already affecting Scottish workers. Our workplaces were not designed to cope with these new conditions and more frequent disruption, negative impacts on health and wellbeing and declining productivity are being observed across sectors.

While this webinar is a useful standalone session for those with limited time, it is part of a bigger project with UNISON Scotland and the STUC to develop resources between now and COP26 that will help trade union reps to champion well-designed workplace adaptation solutions that also help tackle inequality, social justice and other issues affecting workers. Click here to get involved go to:

What is covered?

  • Introduction to climate change, what it is and what it means for Scotland
  • Overview of key terms such as adaptation and mitigation
  • Legal context for climate action
  • Examples of how climate impacts are already impacting schools, offices, warehousing, care homes, hospitals and outdoor workplace settings
  • Practical actions that can be taken to adapt to our changing climate, build resilience and protect workers

Tool/Resource downloads
Climate_Adaptation_in_the_Workplace.pdf(PDF format - 1,967.22 KB)

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