Organisational Culture and Resources Webinar

Date added: 05/08/2020

Webinar on the Organisational Culture and Resources capability of the Adaptation Capability Framework

To make progress with adaptation, it will need to fit with your organisational culture and resources. Organisational Culture and Resources is one of the four capabilities comprising the Adaptation Capability Framework, Adaptation Scotland’s guidance to support public bodies to adapt to climate change. By developing this capability, you will find ways to align adaptation activities with your organisation’s priorities. Over time they will become mainstreamed into plans, policies and procedures - part of business as usual for your organisation.

During this webinar Dr. Roddy Yarr from Strathclyde University and Alan Gale together with Isla McCaskie from Forestry and Land Scotland share their experiences and insights on making progress with adaptation and finding the right fit for it in their organisational culture and resources.